Tony Mowbray chooses not to delve too much in to numbers, he felt talks with owners Venky’s last month were positive.

The Rovers boss, along with chief executive Steve Waggott, finance director Mike Cheston and club secretary Ian Silvester travelled to India to meet with the Rao family to review last season, and preview the upcoming 2019/20 campaign.

Waggott was there to discuss how the club was operating on a day to day level, Cheston to discuss finance, Silvester for any contractual questions, while Mowbray, as first team boss, was keen to talk football and ambition levels for next season.

Numbers, and finance, are key to Mowbray’s plans to improve on last season’s 15th-placed finish, and he says he was encouraged by what he heard.

“I was encouraged by the spirit and positivity of the ownership,” he explained.

“The numbers we talked through with them, they’re helpful and positive and will try and support the football team.

“I put in to perspective, this isn’t Aston Villa, Leeds, Derby County who have 30,000 coming through the turnstiles every week.

“Their support, in my opinion, is huge.”

Mowbray is currently in the process of meeting players and agents, as well as targeting prospective signings.

But his involvement comes on a purely football level, leaving finances and contractual discussions to Waggott, as well as long-term assistant Mark Venus.

Mowbray says having a hands-off approach when it comes to money allows him to maintain a close-knit dressing room which have proved key to Rovers’ recent success.

The club have worked hard to bring down the wage bill at the club, with revenue streams taking a hit in post-Premier League life.

“I speak to the footballers but the deals I pass on to Mark and to Steve and they do the numbers,” Mowbray explained.

“I always like to de-personalise numbers, because if players think I’m giving him that much, and him that much, then they think ‘why is the gaffer giving him more than me’.

“So I leave negotiations to other people. I talk to the players about football, where I see them in my team, how we work, the expectation levels, the rest isn’t down to me.”