Rovers won’t be taking their eye off the English market despite devoting time and expense to scouting the European leagues.

Tony Mowbray has worked hard to implement changes to the club’s recruitment and scouting network which has seen a lot of focus placed on identifying talent across Europe.

Mowbray, as well as assistant Mark Venus, have travelled to watch players in recent weeks and the boss says the club is ‘asking questions’ as to availability of targets.

Rovers rounded off their first season back in the Championship with a 1-1 draw against Swansea which left them in 15th place.

Mowbray is looking to challenge the top six next term, but knows adding experience and ready-made first team players will be key to that.

And while the Ewood chief sees value, and talent, on the continent, wholesale arrivals via that route aren’t expected.

“The English market is something we have to explore as well and get a balance of footballers that we feel can help our team, some experience, and try put the jigsaw puzzle together if we can,” Mowbray said.

The players have now started their seven-week close season break, and Mowbray is hoping to get as many deals as done in time for the pre-season trip to Austria at the end of next month.

“I hope so and we’re working on that,” Mowbray added.

“We’re talking to clubs at the moment.

“When you first make the call, and initial ask teams are wanting millions and millions.

“They use your bids to try and canvas other bids.

“It’s not as if we’re not working. The wheels are turning behind the scenes but unless you have a barrow load of money and can just pay the asking price.

“We’re trying to get that value for money.

“The recruitment department is working non-stop, travelling across Europe for the last six weeks.”