Rovers head of Academy believes ‘there are plenty more where they came from’ after debuts for John Buckley and Tyler Magloire within the last week.

The pair capped an incredible rise through the ranks at Rovers as their respective 11 year journeys took them from junior football to Championship debuts.

Stuart Jones, head of Rovers’ Category One academy, knows the work of the academy is highlighted by the number, and success, of players integrated in to the focus.

And while the focus, and question, will be around ‘who’s next?’, Jones admits the production line is functioning well, from Under-23s level right the way down.

“Everyone knows the statistics around it and it is really low. So for them to come right through is a fantastic achievement,” Jones said of Magloire and Buckley.

“I do think there’s a couple more in the pipeline. I know the gaffer has spoken about potentially blooding some of the others in to the first team environment.

“But that’s at Under-23s level and Damien has done a fantastic job.

“We know we have talent throughout the system that we’re really excited about.

“Jake Garrett made his debut for the Under-23s the other night, he’s a 16-year-old already playing for the Under-18s.

“We have a couple of boys around the England squad at Under-15s, lower down there are Premier League clubs interested in our younger players.

“We are excited about the talent we have got. Ultimately it’s about us working hard as an Academy and develop them with our programme.”

Joe Grayson, currently out on loan at Grimsby, made his first team debut earlier this season, with Dan Butterworth, Magloire and Buckley also handed opportunities by Tony Mowbray.

On the process that Buckley and Magloire have gone through, Jones explained: “We have a pre-Academy from six to eight. We get players from around the area to come in.

“We then can sign them at nine and have a development programme in place right the way through.

“That’s key, it’s about the development and individualising the player. Every player that’s in the system will have their own programme in terms of physical, psychological, tactical, technical element, the culture it’s about development, it’s not about winning.

“We want the players want to win, but we have to have an individualised player programme that meets their needs to progress through the system.”

Because of their respective rise through the ranks, Jones says everyone involved in the academy process at the Brockhall base, all take great pride in seeing another graduate make their debuts.

He added “It is the talk all week leading up to the game, and I think a lot of the staff sit there in anticipation. When they get an opportunity it’s fantastic for us.

“It’s not just for the football staff down there, the chef to the kit lady all play a huge part in developing those players when they come in from nine years of age.

“When we see them develop it’s terrific for all of the staff and incredibly proud.”

Even during their season in League One, Rovers retained their Category One status, which costs around £3m a year to fund.

That allows them to sign players from the age of nine, and gives them a level of protection from the lures of Premier League clubs.

Rovers will be audited again next season, with their coaching and facilities judged to assess whether they will maintain their status.

“The new cycle of audits is coming in next season and there is a new process in that. We have started our work around that,” Jones explained.

“The challenges are still there. I think it’s been massive that we’re back in the Championship and that helps as an Academy.

“More important for me is that Category One, and the support from the owners and the first team, is massively important for recruitment, development and producing players.”