We asked our Rovers fans' jury: What you do put Rovers’ poor form down to, and how concerned by this run of results are you?

IT WILL be a feather in Mr Mowbray’s cap if Rovers escape relegation this season. He will be one of very few managers to survive after playing a team without a defence.

As he intimated, and the rest of us knew, teams realise that Rovers are so brittle and vulnerable at the back that you merely need to exert pressure to be richly rewarded.

We have been found out and are in freefall because the manager was complacent about a defence that we all knew would crumble and capitulate. Given the fixtures to come a relegation dog fight is a distinct possibility.

Paul Yates

I THINK confidence is playing a major factor. The 5-2 defeat to Brentford maybe had more of an impact, than I first thought. 

Without Lenihan we seem to be lacking something at the back. Mulgrew and Rodwell as a pair look far too susceptible, and the opposition will back themselves to score.

It’s concerning we don’t know where the next win is going to come from.

What for the majority has looked like an impressive first season back in the Championship could yet turn into a relegation scare.

Tom Schofield

FORM is temporary and a host of things can contribute to this poor form including lack of effort, or more so in Rovers case, too much effort - over thinking things and not playing their natural game.

For me, the biggest problem though is the defence which in turn puts too much pressure on the forward players to have to score as it’s increasingly likely we’ll concede.

I rate both Charlie Mulgrew and Jack Rodwell, but neither are established central defenders. They have played much of their career in midfield and this is starting to show.

We are missing a dominant, no nonsense central defender whose primary job is to defend and who can lead by example.

Ironically, a defender like Tony Mowbray in his time would have been perfect which makes me question why he’s left us so short in this department. Scott Wharton, Matty Platt or Paul Downing would all be more natural options than what we can call upon.

Kelvin Wilkins