Tony  Mowbray feels Rovers require investment in infrastructure, including the introduction of a European scouting network, to help take the club forward.

Mowbray travelled to Switzerland last week to meet with the owners where he held ‘positive discussions’ over his plans, which included enhancing the club’s scouting of players.

The boss says he shares a common goal with the Rao family of getting the club back to the Premier League, but believes that will take time and investment.

Having cited wage demands of potential January targets as a barrier to them coming to the club last month, Mowbray believes scouting the European market could prove beneficial.

“That’s ultimately what we have to do if we have ambition at this football club to get to the Premier League, we need to invest and do it now,” Mowbray told the Lancashire Telegraph.

“Mainly in infrastructure I would say. Infrastructure allows you to get players and when they come in the building they say ‘wow’.

“Or how do we find the players? I have talked before, we haven’t actually got a scout who covers Europe. So how are we going to find a Maupay at Brentford, or a Benrahma? How are we going to find them if we’re not even in the market and watching those games?

“They (the owners) are very understanding and want this club to be back where they feel it should be.

“At this moment I’m being tasked with trying to take us back there. If it is going to be me than I need the support to do it.

“Otherwise, as has been at clubs I have been at in the past, you don’t quite win enough games, someone else comes in, gets £50m to spend and they get the glory of ‘what a great manager’ when they get back in to the Premier League. That’s football.

“Here I am travelling to Europe to try and get some help from the owners.

“They are being really positive of me and the football team and I’m just trying to give them my ideas and opinions of what we need to do moving forward.

“If there’s an ambition to get back to the Premier League then what it’s going to take and that’s what we discussed. They were very amicable discussions that will hopefully help us move forward.”