Alan Shearer says he was sold a dream by Jack Walker and Kenny Dalglish when signing for Rovers after being inducted in to the club’s inaugural Hall of Fame.

Shearer was one of seven former players to have the honour at a ceremony at Ewood Park on Thursday night, attended by 370 people.

The striker scored an incredible 131 goals in 172 Rovers appearances between 1992 and 1996, helping the club to the Premier League title in 1994/95.

He netted 34 times in the league that season, and a further three in the cup competitions, which saw him named PFA players’ player of the year.

His contribution to the club saw Shearer inducted in to the hall of fame alongside Bob Crompton, Bryan Douglas, Ronnie Clayton, Derek Fazackerley, Simon Garner and Brad Friedel.

“I had four unbelievable years here,” Shearer reflected.

“I made some great friends, we had a brilliant manager and it was a great football club, and still is. I really enjoyed my time here.

“We fell over the line, we were nervous, we were edgy, and had a lead going in to the final few games that was being eaten away slowly but surely by Manchester United, so we were pushed all the way.

“That night we beat Newcastle here was an incredible atmosphere and set things up to go to Liverpool on the final day. 

“Our team spirit got us over the line in the end, and a great result from West Ham against Manchester United.

“It was incredible for little old Blackburn to come in and beat the big boys. We were getting better and better year on year, and to win it 1994/95 was unbelievable. It was a great day, and a great night.”

Shearer arrived at Ewood Park from Southampton in the summer of 1992, scoring twice on his debut at Crystal Palace, and the winner against Arsenal on his home debut.

His time at the club culminated with winning the Premier League title three years later at Anfield.

He added: “I don’t think I’ve ever been so nervous in a match in my life. I came to Blackburn because I was sold a story that they were going to win the league. That was what Jack Walker told me and Kenny Dalglish told me.

“When I sat down for talks with them, and I had options when I was leaving Southampton, that is what made me come here, because of the dream that Jack Walker had, the finance he had behind him, the experience Kenny Dalglish had and when you put that in to the pot, then Blackburn were going places.

“I came here to win the league, for no other reason, and that’s the dream that was sold to me. We came so close the year before, so to eventually get over the line, the relief was unbelievable.”