If I may I’d like to address the now received opinion that Newcastle, or Rafa Benitez in particular, didn’t want to win the game on Saturday. He did.

The usual phrase used is “disrespecting the cup”. No; it is disrespectful to Rovers.

Benitez assumed that players he feels are not good enough to keep Newcastle from relegation would be more than a match for us ‘minnows.’

Rovers may have suffered a torrid period in between the draw at Middlesbrough and win against West Brom, but all those sides who narrowly beat us would wipe the floor with a first-choice Newcastle side.

For the first time I feel sorry for the Newcastle fans. On talking with them they displayed a love for football that their club seem to try and chip away at.

Any road, back to the main focus.

Once more Rovers proved that whatever the outcome they are committed to playing good football.

Once more Lewis Travis impressed and it was only once the enigmatic Jonjo Shelvey was thrown on that the midfield faced a real test.

Obviously it wasn’t easy to see everything from our vantage point in the Theatre Of Vertigo without binoculars but the little yellow and black worker bees looked to keep their shape.

And of course the King Bee provided the honey that sweetened the trip.

Although the sumptuous cross from Elliott Bennett was immediately met by a cry of “that’s the ball” it was still great movement from Bradley Dack to rise and power home.

We look forward to another late kick off before the replay and with both now on TV it is essential next Tuesday that Ewood isn’t populated by a few thousand scattered about and a full away end.

Cup nights at Ewood against BIG teams - before the usual carping from down the M65 - under the floodlights always have a certain beauty. Liverpool, Arsenal, Chelsea, Manchester United; some we won, some we narrowly lost.

Be there to make it a night to remember.

Bring a friend, a child and make some memories.