BLACKBURN Rovers are working hard to enhance the attacking side of Adam Henley’s game.

Henley made raid after raid down the Rovers right in the second half of Saturday’s 3-0 success at home to Charlton Athletic after a testing first half.

Gary Bowyer reckons there is not a better one-versus-one defender in the Championship than the 21-year-old.

But he believes the right-back still has room for improvement when it comes to going the other way.

Bowyer, who has coached Henley since he was a boy, said: “It’s fair to say there was one or two harsh words said towards Adam at half-time last week and in true Adam fashion he took it on board and produced a level of performance we know he is capable of.

“I don’t think you’ll find anybody better in the Championship who is a better one v one defender. You look at his performances last season against Raheem Sterling and he was fantastic.

“What he has got to do is improve in certain areas, one of which is going forward. He’s aware of that and if you had watched him this week, you’d have seen we’ve done quite a bit of work with him.

“It’s a confidence thing, a belief thing, and the progress we’ve made this week has been good.

“You still have to remember to remember how young he is but it is something we want to add to this game.”