OWEN Coyle fears speculation about the future of his Burnley players could have a negative impact in the camp.

Althought the club haven't received a bid for any player, leading scorer Andy Gray has been linked with Championship rivals Charlton Athletic.

"The only thing I would say about the speculation side of it, as regards our own players, it can be unsettling. Some days I'm answering non-stories because a manager goes about his work, and we all make enquiries," Coyle said.

"Mine was a general enquiry about Richard Chaplow - it wasn't offering any money or anything, it was just sounding somebody out if he was available or not available.

"Equally somebody might say to me I fancy one of your players, are they available?', and I say no', but then you're answering stories on the back of that.

"What I would say, at this point, is we have not received any bid for any of our players.

"That, as a manager, can be unsettling - not for me, because it's easy enough to deal with, but for players, you don't want them unsettled, and that happens because if a bigger club comes in they think they've got a chance of earning a more lucrative contract.

Has the club stopped me from doing it? And then that leads to being unsettled and we don't want that.

"We don't want to be dealing with any negativity about players, we want them all focused and doing their job for the football club."