SEAN Dyche believes Burnley's supporters understand his side give everything when they are out on the pitch.

Burnley were in the bottom three at Christmas, but the fans stuck with the team as they witnessed a magnificent run in the second half of the season.

Dyche uses Ashley Westwood as an example of the sort of player the Clarets look to sign.

"It’s been an odd year, I think even at our lowest ebb this year, they’ve still been there," said Dyche.

"There’s not been too much negativity around it, they’ve backed the team. Even when we’ve had harsh results, there’s not been too much in the way of negativity.

"They’ve stayed with it home and away. I like to think they’ve come to realise that the worst they get is a team who gives everything.

"As a supporter, it’s not a bad start point. Of course, you want a bit of style with the way you play, which we can sometimes.

"They still want results, football fans still want results, they still want their team to be winning. In our case in the Premier League, winning enough to continue the journey.

"There’s an honesty to the people of Burnley and the crowd, they get the business and they understand the club. It’s not easy for fans nowadays.

"I really mean that, I think it’s hard. So much goes on, there’s so many viewpoints, there’s so many that fan bases can be swayed from one way to the other.

"It’s hard to just stick to the truth. Burnley fans generally stick with the truth from the club, we give good information with what we do. "We’ll try and move it forward for them. This team do give everything, and they’ve got their rewards from the fans by getting support."

Dyche doesn't see age as a barrier when players are looking to improve - Westwood is 29-years-old and he was named Burnley's double player of the year.

"If we can add the sprinkle of players who have played in the Premier League, then that’s always a benefit," added the Burnley boss.

"It improves the knowledge of the side. We still do like some of the younger players, obviously Dwight is an obvious one this year.

"Westy is still improving and this season there’s clear signs of that. I like seeing that. My development as a player when I was 30 plus was through diet.

"I had a dietician who taught me so much about extending my career – that was my version of it.

"There’s tactical awareness, the dedication to your discipline of being a pro.

"I think Westy has improved again this season, that shows it’s irrelevant of age. He’s not old my any stretch of the imagination, but he’s not a newcomer. I’m happy with that mindset."