ASHLEY Westwood believes last season's performances were his best to date in his professional career.

The midfielder was named Burnley's players player of the year and also picked up the supporters player of the year.

Westwood highlighted how clubs don't take Burnley anymore.

"For me, personally, it’s been the best season I’ve ever had since breaking into the team at Crewe years ago," said Westwood.

"I think coming here I’ve found a real home; it suits my game. the gaffers got me playing forward quicker.

"The front lads know my game inside out, I know theirs with the runs they’re making. It all fits at the moment and long may that continue.

Westwood was named Burnley's double player of the year and he admitted he likes the praise: "I like that kind of thing, it's the interviews I’m not keen on.

"Bournemouth away really stuck out, the song they sang. I didn’t have that from Crewe, I’ve found a home here so thank you for that."

The midfielder is grateful for the fans for sticking by him when he struggled for game time in the early periods of his Clarets career.

"When I did come in here it was stop start, now I’ve got a good run of game," Westwood added.

"I work hard for the team; I will always do that. I think if you do that here then the fans will always stick by you. As long as they see you working hard, that’s what kind of club it is."

Burnley's lengthy stay in the Premier League - topped with a seventh placed finish - has led to sides not taking Sean Dyche's men lightly.

"Opponents don’t take us lightly anymore; we got the tag ‘little old Burnley’. We want that, we like the underdog spirit," said Westwood.

"Seeing this come back at Christmas, we all fight for each other and the town. Hopefully, we can carry on through to next year.

The midfielder admitted the defeat at home to Everton on Boxing Day left the squad feeling unsure where their next win would come from.

"When everything is going well, football is easy," added Westwood.

"When you’re getting beat by Everton at home and you’re in the bottom three and we didn’t know where a win was going to come from. "We had a good chat and the honesty in the group has seen us through. The mentality, the hard work the players and staff put in – it’s a real club.

"At Christmas, when the fans are still supporting us and clapping us off the pitch and even the away fans are tremendous – they turn up in their numbers when it must be difficult at times. It’s a special place.

"We said it as a group, we saw when the fixtures came out that the last four games were never going to be easy. We take great pride in that."