SEAN Dyche doesn't believe his side have done enough just yet to secure Premier League safety.

Burnley beat Cardiff City 2-0 last week at Turf Moor, but Neil Warnock's side picked up a vital win at Brighton during the week.

Dyche's side have now won three on the bounce, but the Clarets boss knows it's not 'done until it's done'.

"It's not a reminder for me, I said last week when we beat Cardiff, no no no, it's never done till it's done.

"I've reminded the players this week, they know that. We've had to earn the right, year on year, to do what we've done and we continue to do so.

"We've got four really important games, tough games, coming up, but so have others - it's that time of the season.

"There's very few that have got what you'd call an easy game.

"There is no such thing as an easy game in the Premier League by the way, but we all look on paper and wonder - Fulham last week had a great result against Everton and a very good performance I'm told.

"There's lots to be played for and we've got to continue playing hard to get what we want."

Burnley's wins against Wolves, Bournemouth and Cardiff City have made them all but safe - Dyche wants his side to get the job done.

"There's a lot of people who want to fill you with positives about the stats and the facts and the history, but you've got to do it," added Dyche.

"It's not done till it's done but a very good run of three wins, very important wins for different reasons, and good performances that backed up them wins."