BURNLEY manager Sean Dyche believes his club have had an 'interesting and positive week'.

The clubs figures were released last week and Burnley made a record £36 million profit, the team then followed that up with a 2-0 win against Wolves.

Dyche insists recruitment is something he is always thinking about and it is something that is very important in any level of football.

"I think an interesting week and a positive week for different things, in reverse order, obviously, numbers were released for the club," he said.

"The chairman and board were delighted. Within the detail of that when you look at the breakdown, we’re still within that 58-59 million mark for wages and then big incentives on top.

"We like to think the incentives encourage the team. After finishing seventh last season and the incentives put on top of that and then to make £36 million is a positive thing.

"It’s difficult for me at times because I want some of that to keep building, but the club wants to be solid for years to come and it’s showing that.

"On the back of all of that, to go and deliver a performance against a very good side.

"Wolves have had a storming season. We got a big three points, they’ll be really important. It was a strong week."

The Burnley understands he will not have all of that money to spend in the transfer window as it is a 'different model here'.

"It’s a slightly different model here. I think we made £22 million last season, before that it was £3 million when we were getting back in the Premier League then £30 million before that.

"In the last four windows, we’re about plus £10 million in spend.

"In a strange way, obviously I want to win games, but if you balance it out it’s strong performance over the seasons.

"We are where we are, and we have to focus on the football.

"It’s been quite clear since I’ve been here, we have to take them numbers seriously and the club want me to do that – to work inside a certain framework, it has its challenges.

"Beyond that, it’s still to focus on the three points. We definitely have the focus on that.

"Like I said, Wolves are a very good side so to finish that week was pleasing."

Dyche added that he and his staff are constantly thinking about recruiting new talent that can affect the first team.

"Recruitment is a word I always think about. Myself and my staff, we’ve got magic dust," he added.

"No matter what level you’re working at in football, recruitment is very important and it’s very difficult particularly if your numbers are not as free flowing.

"It’s difficult to get the quality when it’s not guaranteed. You want someone to affect your first team in their performances, but also to push others."