It’s difficult to put in to words, it’s an incredible achievement in this day and age. When I signed we were the third favourites to get relegated, a lot has been made of that and where we are now and where we’ve been fighting. The club’s evolving off the pitch too, a lot of that is down to him. It’s a brilliant day for him and he should be very proud of that.

Been here from the start

I missed the first six months. It’s been an incredible journey, even the year we got related out of the Premier League, it still felt like we are building forwards and that’s down to him. Hopefully, that can continue.

300 games impressive

That;’s a good marker of the success. We knew how good an achievement it was getting up from the Championship in that first year, in fairness to the club and the board, they’ve stood by him and backed him.


Enjoyed it. Two big wins, nice to be back in that setting. I’ve certainly come away striving to keep performing and moving forward. Hopefully I’ll continue being involved.

Good to be back

It’s been an interesting journey. I’ve spoken about that a lot, I’ve learnt a lot from it and grown from it.

Win something?

I don’t see why not, look at the quality across the squad - the individuals and the set up. It’s excellent, there’s a real momentum. England games are exciting in the build up now, in the past I don’t think that was always the case.