Sean Dyche marks 300 games in charge of Burnley this afternoon - his first having come against today’s opponents Wolves.

And how the Clarets boss would love to celebrate with a similar scoreline, having won 2-0 in his first game in charge.

Win number 114 of his Burnley tenure would be a great way to bounce back after four successive defeats which leaves Dyche’s side just two points above the relegation zone.

Having taken over in October 2012, Dyche says he has developed ‘a feel’ for the club and its role within the community.

And he’s looking for the ‘good stories’ to continue as he plots to secure Premier League football at Turf Moor for a fourth successive year.

“I think it’s something that’s grown on me. I was new to it really, I’d had one season at Watford and I had to come here and get a grasp of what it means here,” Dyche said.

“The good thing about being in football in this country is that you get a feel for all the clubs. I’ve been playing through all of the divisions.

“I know most clubs, you get a feeling for what they’re about, how they’re viewed and what they’re like in the community.

“I’ve grown to understand the depths of the club in this town, what the club means to the community and what the community means to the club and how it’s respected. That’s the first thing you have to learn and I did.

“Then you’ve got to win games, I’ve had 300 games so I’ve been successful. Even relatively, we’re going through a tough spell, but we’ve had the longest run of games on top flight football for how ever many years.

“We’ve had some good stories and we’ve got to make sure the good stories continue.”

It has been a topsy turvy season for the Clarets that started with the high of the Europa League fixtures, but results in the Premier League proved hard to come by.

A record-breaking run of eight games unbeaten in the Premier League looked to have moved them clear of trouble, but four successive defeats leaves them still with work to do.

And Dyche added: “The whole season has been a challenge, I knew it would be, it’s not about the four defeats.

“I expressed that to the board, I felt there would be a challenge this season which makes life tougher.

“We always work within certain guidelines which make that tougher because as we’re trying to work financially appropriately as a club, the market keeps going away.

“Reigniting the group that we had, bringing it forward to another new challenge - I always felt that would be difficult.

“It’s not a major surprise the difficulty of the season, but I think that can be said for most clubs who are outside of that top six.

“Everyone’s got a different challenge so I don’t think that’s a new situation to have.

“The ups and downs of it - a lot of detail within the season so far where it wasn’t at Christmas and now it is.

“I think we’ve come a long way since that build up to Christmas.”