BURNLEY manager Sean Dyche highlighted how he has studied different playing styles, with Barcelona being a team he has cast a keen eye on.

Dyche added how Pep Guardiola used to tinker with his Barcelona side a lot, but quickly learnt from that.

Statistics have shown the Clarets have played more long passes than anyone else in the Premier League, Dyche believes his players are more effective in this style.

"I studied loads of different teams, Valencia, Barcelona, but more the story behind the beauty if you like, or their habits," added the Burnley boss.

"Pep's doing it now, when he first came they were changing everything every week, which isn't really his style, and then last year, 4-3-3, virtually the same players played all the time, or a lot of the same players, and ran away with it.

"Maybe, that was his learning curve, maybe he thought 'I've tried to tinker and I don't need to, I've got top players, give them a format, get them organised, make sure they work properly and appropriately and I think that was a genius moment in management.

"Sometimes, to simplify it is hard. You're in the moment, I've always said the hardest thing in management is to do nothing.

"Everyone says 'you've got to do this', 'you've got to do that', famously with me 'why aren't you making subs?'

"Sometimes the hardest thing is to do nothing. That's one of the many challenges."

Dyche speaks freely of his footballing style - to play effective football, in a mixed style, looking like Sir Alex Ferguson’s Manchester United at their peak, to hurt sides in every way they can.

"I spoke to Ally McCoist and Dean Saunders, and said 'you two were centre forwards, what did you want?'" said Dyche.

"They both went 'the ball coming to me really quickly'.

"It's horses for courses of course, we have a different way because, if I got my players to play how Man City play, it wouldn't be effective.

"Our players are good at other skills. Every player at City is £50m or above, and for good reason.

"We've had to make a system that works, not just style or brand, to win, stay in the league, buy players at a certain level, wages at a certain level, develop and sell.

"Those managers have to win. Still not easy, but different kind of management.

"It's tough, they're under more pressure, they have to win the league, with a certain amount of pizzazz, but I don't think they're too worries about development, the Under 23s, crowd meetings, supporters' clubs' Q&As..."