SEAN Dyche insists the identity of his side is returning after some inconsistent spells during the season.

The Clarets manager said that the four British managers in the Premier League aren’t like a ‘band of brothers.’

Dyche was happy with the point away at Old Trafford, but thought his side could’ve picked up all the points in the home game against Southampton.

Burnley travel South to Brighton tomorrow after being unbeaten in their last six league matches, Dyche wants to make this seven.

“I don’t think we’re miles away. I said early season that the thing for me is consistent performances,” added Dyche.

“We have really good spells. I remember really early season, I thought we were excellent down at Southampton for 70 minutes, created chances and could’ve won the game, but we didn’t.

“We were excellent against Watford up at Turf Moor in the first half, we could’ve been 3-0 up at half time, but ended up losing. I think identity is something you deliver constantly and often.

“We’re up and down with that. The last run of six league games has shown a more consistent level of our identity, with performances and points.

“It could’ve been more, but some of that bit’s outside of us. The mentality was there, but it’s grown and it carries on doing so particularly against Southampton.

“The nature of what we’ve been known for of going all the way down the line for games with our last breath was paid back, I’ve been pleased with that.

“With the performance levels also - individually and collectively there’s been some really good performances.”

Sean Dyche is up against one of only four British managers in the Premier League tomorrow, but the Clarets manager insists they’re just as competitive.

“It’s a strange suggestion when low numbers make you a band of brothers , I don’t think that’s the case,” said Dyche.

“We’re still competitive with each other. There’ll be respect because we know each other and most of them I’ve known for years with playing, growing up in football and coaching.

“When the whistle blows I can assure you the British manager thing goes out the window, they want to win.

“If you’re good then you’re good, if you get the chance then you get the chance.

“Wherever you’re from in the world the change in football is evident, there’s demand from owners, managers and players has changed.

“There’s a lot of foreign ownership and a lot of different reasons why theres varying managers from around the world in the Premier League.

“I’m not too fussed about that, if they get a chance then fair play to them.”

Tomorrow’s opponents travelled to the Midlands on Wednesday night to take on West Brom in their FA Cup replay, a match that Brighton won 3-1 after extra time.

“Last night they made a lot of changes, but they’ll have had a long journey,” said the Burnley manager.

“They had a very late night after what went on. Some players had to play maybe Chris was thinking they wouldn’t have to come on if it went well for them.

“All that being considered, teams are set up now. They’ll be recovering, they’ll be ready.

“They’re on a rough run and they’ll be wanting to correct that for sure. We’re on a good run and we want to continue that. It makes for another good game.”