SEAN Dyche does not believe match officials should be made to explain their decisions post-match, despite feeling that referee Anthony Taylor made a big mistake in not awarding the Clarets a first half penalty in the weekend draw with Southampton.

Ashley Barnes was brought down by Saints keeper Alex McCarthy but referee Anthony Taylor felt the Burnley man dived and booked him for simulation.

The decision incensed Barnes, while Dyche admitted he was flummoxed as to how it was not a spot kick.

The Clarets did get a penalty in the final minute when Jack Stephens handled the ball under pressure from debutant Peter Crouch.

Dyche felt that decision was correct but believes VAR, which will be rolled out in the Premier League, can provide more help to officials than a post match explanation.

“I don’t think so, I don’t think we want to go that far,” said Dyche when asked if he felt the referee should explain his decisions after a game.

“I hope that VAR will help, and I say help, because they do a really good job I think but I think it will help.

“It would help in those instances (the Barnes appeal), I don’t think that needed help, but it will.

“It will help with simulation hopefully, I believe. And if people do fall naturally it will show that they have been fouled and they are just playing the game and they have fallen naturally and they still deserve a penalty.

“I think it is complex and not as black and white as I am saying but I do believe it could be cleaner than what it is and more straightforward than what it is.”

Dyche revealed that he did not go and speak to Taylor following the match on Saturday, admitting he feels such a process is no longer worthwhile.

“I have found there is no point anymore,” said the Clarets chief. “I used to think there was a point to share some views. I never go crazy, I just talk and ask for a reason. I am a bit lost with it all at the minute.

“It would have been ridiculous if we didn’t get something out of that game (against Southampton), even if you just went on the two big decisions because it is two penalties.

“The one thing I am pleased about is that we did get a penalty and it did mean something because I was worried we would get one when the game was gone.”

Dyche added: “I have got massive respect for referees. Every meeting we go to I say the three toughest jobs are the two managers and the referee, that is what I think.

“I think they have amazingly tough job and they do it brilliantly most of the time.

“But that decision (on Barnes) has to happen at the level of refereeing that these lads are at, and they are very good.”