BURNLEY boss Sean Dyche may not have made any signings in this January transfer window as of yet, but five years ago the Clarets chief splashed the cash for the first time as Turf Moor manager.

The first player through the door for a fee was Ashley Barnes and Dyche believes the Burnley striker, who has made more than 150 appearances for the club since joining from Brighton, has developed into a fine Premier League player.

“Barnesy was the first fee, £450,000 I believe it was, and I think it’s fair to say the lad’s done more than alright,” said the Clarets chief.

“He’s been in really good form for the last little while, playing well, and he looks free and clear.

“I think he’s matured into (the Premier League), I think with a lot of our players we didn’t sign them thinking ‘definitely you’re going to be in the Premier League and you’re all going be Premier League players’.

“We signed them for development, can they help now, can they help going forward, can they continue improving?

“And he’s a good mixture of that. We signed him, he helped us that season and continued to improve.

“He’s improved his game, improved his playing, a few ups and downs along the way - which can happen, whether it’s injuries or form.

“But he’s proved to be a very good striker and deserves to be doing what he’s doing.”