SEAN Dyche admits even he has been surprised by Burnley's remarkable turnaround in fortunes away from home this season.

For only the second time in the club's history the Clarets will lose less league games away this season than they have done at Turf Moor, with just four defeats in 18 away league games, while there have already been six reverses at Turf Moor in 17 games.

The only previous time that has happened was in 1889/90 and while Dyche sensed his side could improve on the seven points they picked up last season on the road, he didn't expect them to have quadrupled that tally with a game to go.

"Could we get better away, yes. Radically? Not sure, possibly but probably not," the Clarets chief said.

"In the middle was where I was heading. 12, 13, points, okay I think we can get there.

"We got seven last year, so could we double that, yes. Where we've got to – 28 – that's radical. That middle ground, 13, 15, yes, I believed we could get that."

The Clarets had to wait until their 18th away game last season to finally claim a victory, a 2-0 success at Crystal Palace.

While home successes came fairly easily last term it was the away form that needed looking at and Dyche is delighted with the turnaround.

"We've addressed that as a staff, can we add to it, the flexibility in terms of how we operate it. Can we add to it in the summer?," he said.

"Have we looked at it? Yes, have we put it into practice, yes, have we got rewards from that? Yes.

"Before that, recruitment, then tactically, then it borders into players, awareness of going away, the feeling of going away, their mindset of going away.

"That's a joint thing. Last year at home took care of itself, we go out and play hard and we got big results.

"Away was a fresh challenge, lot of noise about last year, how can we turn that round.

"Once you turn that around, it quickly changes the feeling. When the story's constant you start to believe it. If you’re getting told all the time you never win away, it's hard to come out of that sometimes.

"And then, first game of the season, you go boom, story's gone immediately. Actually, we can win away.

"You win the first away game, and you've got all those games to go, fair chance we'll win at least one more. Then you win two, if we can win two, we might win three. It changes the viewpoint."