I’M beginning to hope that wins are like buses!

You wait ages for one to turn up and then a load come along at once.

It’s now the best part of two months since we last tasted victory… yet we’re still seventh in the table.

Aside from showing what an incredible start to the campaign we had, it also shows that the rest of the league – outside the top six at the very least – is as inconsistent as us.

It hasn’t stopped a few of what Stan Ternent used to call the claptrappers union from taking to social media for a whinge.

I’m as frustrated as the next person – and I am sure Sean Dyche, his staff and the players are even more so – but a little bit of calm is needed.

Naturally most teams form will dip some point over the season but I’d much rather do it this way if we really have to – with points in the bag and safety all-but-mathematically secured.

We’ve had a couple of games when we’ve not been good enough for sure but, without wanting to sound like Dyche, it is all about the margins.

We’ve been marginally on the wrong side of results, one or two games aside.

The break for the FA Cup this weekend means that Dyche has been able to take the lads abroad and I don’t think you can overestimate how much of a bonus that free weekend is.

The biggest problem I’ve seen in recent games is that some of the players look tired and while I know most people would give their right arm to be a footballer tiredness does have a major bearing on performance.

The squad is very small and the list of injuries we’ve had this season has deprived us of a host of first-teamers for big spells.

Hopefully the few days of warm weather training will allow the likes of James Tarkowski, Chris Wood and Stephen Ward – three crucial players to the way we play – to step up their recovery and come back ready for the Southampton game on Saturday week.

I’m not sure how long we can hang on to seventh spot but lets just be thankful we’re there rather than involved in the dogfight at the bottom.

There’s still plenty of teams who could go through the trap door but we won’t be one of them.

Surely that’s something to savour?