MOST footballers have an interest away from the game that can keep their mind ticking over when they are not in action or at the training ground - and for Clarets defender Matt Lowton that is translated into an investment in a fashion business.

Seven One Zero is a clothing brand that was launched by professional footballers Curtis Davies, Gavin Rae and Chris Burke, and now Lowton has become the latest to get involved with the designer label.

The 27-year-old has always kept a close eye on the latest fashions and the brand first came to his attention when former Aston Villa teammate Eric Lichaj was wearing one of the firm’s tracksuits.

From there the Burnley full-back began buying a few Seven One Zero items, before the call came to ask if he fancied taking a hands-on role in the development of the company.

“The guy in charge got in touch to say they were looking for investors to try and take it to the next level and try and get in shops and things like that,” Lowton explains.

“I liked the clothes already so it was whether I wanted to get involved a bit more. It gives me a bit of an investment, hopefully it works out financially for the future as well, but also it’s something else to do on the side of football, it’s quite enjoyable picking the items for next season for spring and summer and getting involved on the design and pick levels.”

Lowton has relished his involvement and has become more than just a silent partner in the Seven One Zero team.

He can’t wait to see next year’s range come out - and has his eye on helping the brand establish themselves in shops as well as online.

“They said I can be as involved as I want really. I wanted to be heavily involved,” he said.

“There’s a lot of designs being chucked into the group chat we’ve got going which we talk about, then they ask for any ideas we have and things we’ve brought in the past that we looked the fitting off. We’re putting our opinions in as well.

“Hopefully we can now go to fashion shows, like the one in Birmingham, where shops come and will have a look around the idea is we get picked up by a few shops and get a range in shops. I’m quite looking forward to it.”

Lowton is using his spare time to throw plenty of energy into the brand, and admits a post-football career in fashion could await if the company can flouring over the next decade or so.

“You get a lot of downtime and days off and time after training. It’s the investment side but also something else to be doing on an afternoon,” he said. “We’ve had a lot of chat in the group recently and it’s been good to put my opinions in and I’m excited to see the range come together and see how it does.

“The best case scenario is the brand really picks up and we’re high-end after football and I can get really involved. I like the fashion side of things anyway so it will be an enjoyable thing to get into.”

Lowton’s Clarets teammates have noted his involvement with Seven One Zero, but he is yet to flog any fashion items to them at Gawthorpe.

“They’ve seen the Instagram post and they were asking a lot of questions about it,” he said.

“That’s another good thing about it. We know a lot of people who are seen a lot on social media and out and about get recognised.

“A lot of young people are seeing pictures on social media and they think they look good and they maybe copy them, so it’s good we’ve got those contacts as well.”