After Joey Barton compared the Wham Stadium pitch to Sunday league standard, John Coleman says the playing surface won’t be a decisive factor in tomorrow’s game.

The Fleetwood boss hit out at Stanley’s pitch before the meeting of the Lancashire neighbours, stating: ‘it is as poor a surface as you are likely to see for even a Sunday league team’.

For Coleman, he says any perception that the pitch at the Reds’ home suits them is far from the truth, given their preferred passing style.

Though he wasn’t critical of the pitch, believing there are far worse in the division.

“Not at all, no. The pitch is fine,” Coleman said when asked if there was any truth behind Barton’s comments.

“The game won’t be won and lost by the pitch on Saturday that’s for sure.

“Looking out there, there are no problems. There’s not a lot of grass, but it’s flat.

“We have played on some really bobbly pitches this year, but I don’t think our pitch is particularly bobbly.

“I think it’s better than what people say.”

As Coleman was speaking at his pre-match press conference, Barton was busy apologising for any offence cause by his comments.

On the comparison made, Coleman added: “I don’t think Joey has played Sunday League, but me and Jimmy have, and believe you me, there’s a lot worse pitches than that.

“I remember coming with Burscough to Accrington and the pitch was a lot worse then.”

Of more concern to Coleman and Stanley is their battle against the drop, not helped by letting a 2-0 lead slip as they were beaten 5-2 at Burton Albion last weekend.

Having re-assessed the display, the boss believes there wasn’t too much wrong, but says they can ill-afford to throw points away.

“No-one is too good to go down, we don’t subscribe to that,” he said.

“We know when we play well that we’re good. We have to hope last Saturday was a one-off.

“When you watch the video again it wasn’t as comprehensive as it felt on Saturday.

“I’m still convinced that if we hadn’t conceded on the stroke of half time then we’d have gone on to win the game. That’s football, and we won’t be the first team to lose our heads when we have conceded, and conceded twice in quick succession.

“It happens, but you have to make sure it doesn’t happen too often.”