ROCHDALE caretaker manager Brian Barry-Murphy highlighted how John Coleman's style is 'unique'.

Barry-Murphy worked with Coleman and Jimmy Bell when they had their year long spell at the club.

The caretaker boss has had two games in charge at Rochdale and has taken four points out of a possible six.

"Accrington are a great team," said Barry-Murphy.

"With a lot of the teams in this league, sometimes you watch them and you think they're all much of a muchness.

"I worked under John and Jimmy here at Rochdale so I know how they do their stuff, and they've got their own style.

"It's a style that's unique in a lot of ways. The way they play the game is very courageous and they play with great style.

"It's something that we would like to do - a lot of the same things they include in their game plan, we would like to get to that level.

"We're in a similar position in the league, but they have more points than us, so it will be an exceptionally hard game at a great venue which has great character.

"Whenever I've been there, the people who watch the games are exceptional supporters.

"I think we will bring quite a few fans as well, so it could be one of those special days and the players will be really excited by that."

Dale have secured four points for an available six under Brian Barry-Murphy's stewardship, and BBM believes that lads are in good form.

"It was obviously a difficult period prior to that, so we were just hoping to get some points on the board from the initial burst of games," Barry-Murphy told the club's official website.

"To give the guys some belief after what was a tough run of games against, probably, the best teams in the league.

"Coming up against teams in and around us gives us a chance to really gather some points and momentum.

"The last couple of results and performances have given us all a lift and hopefully it will give us a springboard into the final games of the season, which are going to be very exciting."