STANLEY will not be appealing Dimitar Evtimov’s red card after the Bulgarian was sent off in the midweek defeat to Blackpool on Tuesday night.

The goalkeeper was dismissed in the 85th minute of the 2-1 reverse for throwing a bottle back in to the away fans, who had let off smoke bombs in celebrating Jay Spearing’s winner while bottles were thrown onto the pitch from the away end.

Reds boss John Coleman was angered by the actions of a minority of Blackpool fans when speaking immediately after the game but said Evtimov, who could face internal punishment, should not have reacted.

“We’ve got to take responsibility for our own actions and Dimi knows he was wrong with what he did,” said Coleman.

“We should only comment on things that are in our control. As difficult as it is, we get abused by opposing fans every time we go away from home. Sometimes you want to turn around and have a go back at them.

“When you do that you let the opposition win, you’ve got to be the bigger man and turn the other cheek.

“I appreciate it’s difficult, but as a professional footballer, Dimi should know that’s what you’ve got to do.

“Especially as a goalkeeper, which is a specialist position, that wouldn’t be the first time he’s had things thrown at him.

“During the game you see him handing things to the stewards.

“The disappointment of the goal going in has tipped him over the edge and you’ve got to be stronger than that.

“He’ll be left in no uncertain terms that it’s not acceptable.

“As much as you feel the bottle shouldn’t be on there in the first place, you give it to the referee or the stewards. If you don’t follow that then you deserve the consequences.”