ACCRINGTON Stanley boss John Coleman thinks the mental block of not scoring a goal all year has been lifted after scoring six in two games.

The Reds manager added how his side needs to be more mindful when teams go 'gung-ho' against them.

Stanley turn their attention to Southend today, a game Coleman knows will be tough.

"At some stage we were going to score, and we could’ve scored more than we have," said Coleman.

"We do make a lot of chances. Is that the first time we’ve scored four goals this season? I think it will be. That’s a lift in itself.

"We’ve got to tighten up at the back, not just at the back actually but we have to tighten up as a team and control games more.

Stanley beat Oxford 4-2 on Tuesday night, Coleman thinks his side need to be more disciplined when in the lead.

"The way we set out to play, I think we’re always going to be like that. We’d like to not concede and tighten up when we’re leading, but you can’t control what the other team do," added Coleman.

"It’s interesting when you speak to Carl after the game what they’re approach was. They did go gung-ho.

"It’s like a boxer when you think he’s going to get beat on points - he comes out swinging with wild punches.

"That’s what Oxford did. You have to be mindful of that. We’ve still got to be disciplined enough to be able to recognise when teams are doing that and then to weather it."

The Reds boss insists he has done his homework on Southend: "We’ve seen them, we’ve played them, and we’ve seen them play on the TV last week as well.

"We’ve done our homework on them, as I’m sure they’ve done it on us. We know what to expect and we know that if we get it going at home, we’re capable of going on a run – we know that."