ACCRINGTON Stanley midfielder Sam Finley insists his side are getting back to what they're about.

The 26-year-old thinks the Stanley players may have set the bar too high following their good start to life in League One.

Stanley's central midfielder highlighted how the players strive to be the best they can be.

"Especially with the goals, we struggled a lot. We didn’t score a goal since Boxing Day through to Sunderland," said Finley.

"I thought the Sunderland game was ideal for us to go and play away there in the patch we’re in was written in the stars for little old Accy to go to Sunderland and do well.

"I thought we thoroughly deserved the win. It wasn’t to be on the night. Maybe that was a bit of a turning point.

"We’ve gone in to Tuesday and we’ve scored four goals. To score two goals away at Sunderland and then four at home, it feels like it’s a turning point."

Stanley started the season well after coming up from League Two, Finley thinks his team mates may have set the bar too high.

"I think it has been a harsh reality check for us. With the teams in this league, maybe we did underestimate them," added Finley.

"We played Peterborough on the 29th December, three days after Boxing Day, and they had four or five players that didn’t play on Boxing Day.

"With us, we haven’t really got that. I know the gaffer goes on about the squad that he’s got and the strength in depth – he’s happy with it.

"Some of the players that Peterborough played on that day who hadn’t played on Boxing Day, they were four or five top players. We struggle with the squad we’ve got."

Finley added how playing at big grounds gives the Stanley players an added incentive.

"To go to Sunderland and play against them players, play at the ground with them facilities and the fans, it always gives you that extra 10%," added Finley.

"Maybe that shouldn’t be the way, but it’s natural. It’s like when lower teams play the big teams in the FA Cup – it gives you that extra incentive to go and do well."