AN Accrington Stanley win in the FA Cup fourth round against Derby would net the club at least £400,000, revealed Reds chairman Andy Holt.

John Coleman's side take on the Rams in front of the TV cameras on Saturday (12.30pm) with the live coverage providing £220,000 while prize money for a victory would earn a further £180,000 and a place in round five for the first time in the club's history.

“It’s a £400,000 game if we win,” Holt said. “We turn over £2.5 million a year so £400,000 on that scale is a lot and it makes the difference to having toilets that flush or not, so for me, it’s fantastic.

“If we get a ticket into the next round, £360,000 is the winning prize there, and we could get a bit of TV coverage and sponsorship on top of that.

“So that could be a £500,000 game without half the crowd if we’re drawn away to one of the big Premier League teams, so the money really does start rolling in.

"That’s the FA Cup, it’s one of the few areas that we can generate cash that we can only dream of."

Holt sees the cup as the perfect opportunity to build on the club’s recent success, with the Reds in League One for the first time in their history having won the fourth tier title last season.

“I never dreamt that the club could go so far in the time that we’ve done it," he added.

“This club now has the mentality so that when people come here to play, we see it as an opportunity to improve.

“There’s no point in having a great stadium and a really poor team, and there’s no point having a great team and a really poor stadium, that can’t generate the cash to keep those players.

“You have to improve them together and that’s what we’re trying to do, and the cash from this competition really helps that.”