ACCRINGTON Stanley’s assistant manager Jimmy Bell was incensed at the penalty decision that denied the Reds a hard-earned point at Charlton writes CHARLOTTE COATES.

Charlton were awarded a stoppage time penalty after the referee’s assistant flagged for a Dan Barlaser handball in the area.

Bell asked John Coleman if he could do the post match interview so he could say what the referee said to him at the end of the game.

“Everyone is absolutely devastated at the outcome of today.

“I decided to come and specifically ask John if I could do the press today,” said Bell.

“I’m incensed by what went ion in the last couple of minutes. What the referee said to me is why I’m here.

“I might get myself in to some hot water for saying this, but the officials need to stand up, come out and say why Charlton won the game today.

“The referee has said to me that he didn’t think it was a penalty.

“Who’s officiating the game? John Busby is in charge of the game.

“He’s got a birds eye view of the incident, and he’s let an official, who’s working for him, give a major decision in added time.

“In my opinion, he cant even see the incident. Mr Busby is looking right directly at the incident.

“He turned round to me and said ‘I don’t think it was a penalty Jimmy, but when one of my officials is adamant it was, I have to go with him.’

“I just don’t understand where he’s coming from. A lot of hard work went in to this game today against a very good Charlton team, well supported and a great stadium.”

He added: “We worked our socks off for 92 minutes, we defended resolutely and when something like that happens, it’s really hard to take,” said Bell.

There were some ugly scenes in the tunnel at the end of the game, but Bell insists nothing happened.

“A lot of hot air, disappointed players who feel as though they’re really hard done by,” added Bell.

“They’ve put a lot of work in to this; we all have. Nothing happened in the tunnel.”

Bell highlighted the character in the side, so picking themselves up shouldn’t be a problem. There’s a lot of character in this team. They want to do well for us.

“They fought tooth and nail to get a point today, that was the least they deserved. I think it had a draw written all over it.

“It’s healthy that they are feeling that way, the disappointment was there for everyone to see.

“We’ve got to pick them up now and I don’t think we would’ve had to with a point.

“Going to Charlton at this stage of the season and getting a point would’ve been really beneficial for us going in to the game next when it isn’t a league game,” added Bell.

Bell mentioned the travelling fans, although there wasn’t many of them, they made themselves heard.

“They feel it just as much as we do, they sang their hearts out.

“We haven’t got that many who travel, but they were absolutely magnificent over our right shoulder all day.

“They will fell it just as much as us, but they’ve seen what’s happened,” said Stanley’s assistant boss.