STANLEY host Championship side Ipswich Town tomorrow in the third round of the FA Cup.

The visitors are currently bottom of the league and have one win in 14 matches.

The Reds come in to this the bookies favourites, but manager John Coleman insists he would expect his side to beat anyone.

"I'd have still thought 'we might win this' even if we'd have drawn Manchester City," stated Coleman.

"The first thing you want is a home draw unless you’re going to get a big gun that’s going to get you 50,000 away from home."

No League One has won the cup post-war and Coley doesn't expect that to change any time soon.

"We have to be realistic; we’re not going to win the FA Cup. The idea is to go as far as you can and make as much money as you can, that is it for the lower league teams.

"Some of the lower league teams have got plenty of money and their priority is the league so they don’t have to out focus as much time and effort as what we do.

"The ideal scenario is getting a plum draw somewhere along the line and then exit and you can concentrate on the league."

The Stanley manager insists he goes in to each game looking to win, "Every game we play we try to win, Saturday will be no different.

"They aren’t on the best run but we aren’t on the best run, so you want to try and buck the trend of the form and get back on track.

"Both teams will be like that and I think it’ll be an entertaining game with both teams going all out to win it.

"I don’t think a replay is good for either of us, so I think it’ll be an open, attractive attacking game.

"We want to try and get back to winning ways and what better way to do it against a Championship team."

"We’re favourites to win the game with the bookmakers, make of that what you will," added Coleman.

Stanley are currently 12th in League One while Ipswich are bottom of the Championship.

"The harsh fact is that there’s 12 places between us and I don’t know how that makes us favourites.

"We feel as though our form doesn’t reflect the points we’ve taken, Ipswich might feel the same.

"They were unlucky on Saturday again from what I’ve seen of the match.

"That has no baring in these games, it’s just 11 v 11, sometimes you need luck and sometimes you need to work harder.

"I need to get the selection right and I need to get the tactics right, there’s a lot of things that go in to the melting pot and if they all come up right, you might win the game.," finished the Stanley boss.