CHRIS Wood scored one of the greatest goals of his career at Turf Moor, unfortunately for his new club it was a dipping volley for Leicester City that helped the Foxes seal the Championship title in 2013/14.

The Kiwi's arcing strike over Tom Heaton sealed a 2-0 win for the visitors on their march to the Premier League, and the Clarets would have to settle for the runners-up spot.

But despite his heroics in that game, Wood found chances with Leicester in the Premier League hard to come by and he took the decision to leave the following summer.

Little can he have envisaged that within 12 months his former teammates would be running around the King Power Stadium parading the Premier League trophy, but Wood has no regrets over the decision, admitting he 'hated' his watching brief in the top flight.

The 26-year-old has certainly proved a few people wrong since and his eight Premier League goals for the Clarets in 1,270 minutes this season have come at a better than a goal every other game.

"I think that experience has made me in to a better player. It helped me to adapt and do things in a different way," Wood said of his time with Burnley's opponents this weekend.

"It helps you prepare mentally, to understand and control. Not everything is going to be rosy along the way in your career. You'll always have your ups and downs and it's about how you deal with the downs which helps you become so much better.

"For me I wanted to go and play football. I was in the stands for most of that season and I hated it. I don't like sitting in the stands.

"I just wanted to get out, play football and progress my career. I was happy for them when they did win the title but I know if I'd have stayed there I would've been in the stands the whole time. It wouldn't have really been my title because I wouldn't have contributed."

Wood made just seven Premier League appearances for Leicester in 2014/15, adding to the one he made while still a teenager at West Brom.

"At West Brom, I was a teenager when I was there. I needed to train well and I wouldn't have done anything different," he said.

"It would have taken somebody special to break in to a Premier League team at that age, especially a team that had just gone up to try and establish themselves.

"The same happened at Leicester but I was disappointed that I didn't get more of a chance. I did well and felt I deserved at least an opportunity with the way I had played. That's football at the end of the day, managers make the decisions, you have to live by them and move on."

It is only four years since the Foxes and the Clarets were scrapping it out for that Championship title and it's been an incredible time for both clubs since then.

While Leicester stormed to the most unlikely of Premier League titles, Burnley now stand on the brink of European football.

"It's extraordinary to see where they've both come from in that time frame from when we were competing in the Championship," said Wood.

"It shows how things can change in a matter of years and how clubs can elevate. It can go the other way but it's nice to see both teams doing well."

On his goal at Turf Moor for Leicester on March 29, 2014, Wood added: "That was a nice one. It kind of clinched Leicester's championship.

"It was a 'make or break' game for who was going to win the league that year.

"It's definitely up there (as my best goal) because I don't score too many from outside the box. The way it fell was nice. It was good, definitely one of the better ones."

So has he tried to recreate it against Heaton in training this week: "Definitely not. They've been a few volleyed goals recently; I'll just stick to putting them in the back of the net no matter how they come."