SEAN Dyche believes Burnley’s slow and steady growth during his time at the club is helping fans come to grips with the Clarets recent run of results.

Burnley have gone 10 Premier League games without a win since the 1-0 success over Stoke City on December 12, which briefly lifted them into the top four.

Despite the slump in form the Clarets remain seventh in the Premier League and Dyche credits the fans with being able to see the bigger picture

Burnley’s most recent defeat came to a Swansea side who, like the Clarets, settled into the Premier League well after promotion and began to challenge in the top half, but they have gone backwards recently and are now locked in a third successive battle to beat the drop.

“I think it shows how hard it is year on year,” Dyche said of that cautionary tale.

“Even this season, there will be teams you will think: ‘I wouldn’t have thought they would be there.’ Maybe you didn’t think Burnley would be there.

“Whereas the top six, you go: ‘Well, I thought they’d be there.’

It’s just tough. The Premier League is tough.

“I think the great thing we have here is an acceptance of the reality, from the fans, the board, myself. I think that’s a great weapon to have. Some clubs think: Oh, we’re this. The market tells you that you’re not, because you can’t fight your way to wherever you think you are. That’s year on year at some clubs. And that’s really difficult to manage that.

“Whereas here, because we’ve built it slowly and surely, everyone goes: We know where we’re at. We’re on 36 points at the moment, and the fans are backing the team, because they go: Yeah, for us, this is a big challenge every season. And yet we’re on 36 points.”

Burnley need just four more points from their final 11 Premier League games to match the tally of 40 they achieved last season.

Although the recent run has seen them fall behind the top six they remain in pole position to finish best of the rest despite a mounting injury list and Dyche believes the fans are playing their part in getting the team through.

“This is a team that have got injuries, and yet they’re giving everything. I think that’s what fans think,” he said.

“They think this is a team giving everything despite their injuries, so let’s back them. I think that’s brilliant.

“Manchester City was a good example of that. The fans were absolutely outstanding against Manchester City. And it does help. It helps teams.”