SEAN Dyche insists its players not pay packets he is focussed on as his Burnley side bid to end a seven game winless run against Manchester United at Turf Moor this afternoon.

Jose Mourinho’s men are set to sign Alexis Sanchez from Arsenal on a record breaking contract but the Clarets chief said the amount of money being splashed by some of Burnley’s Premier League rivals does not frustrate him ahead of today’s clash.

Dyche said pricetags and wages are irrelevant come 3pm on a Saturday, adding that he won’t judge his side on results against Manchester United, but on whether he is getting the most out of his squad.

“The money goes out of the window, you don’t play a financial package, you play the players,” the Turf boss said.

“It’s difficult, they’ve got a collection of very high quality players. Very few of the top six have a tough run of any description.

“Outside of the top six every single team will have a difficult run. That’s a clear definition of the marketplace.”

While the leading clubs can continue to push the boundaries, with Sanchez’s reported £350,000-a-week deal at Old Trafford the latest example, the gap between those and the rest is only likely to grow.

Dyche cites Leicester City’s unlikely title success and Burnley’s rise to fourth earlier this campaign as signs that hegemony can occasionally be broken, but admits getting the most of what is available is the challenge.

Dyche said of the potential for the gap to widen: “It seemingly is but look at the Leicester story, a diluted version is us hitting fourth a few weeks ago.

“You get these anomalies, but to make the anomalies the norm is very difficult.

“All managers are working with what they’ve got, but maximising what you’ve got is the bit I enjoy, not judging us on whether we beat Manchester United, because that doesn’t make you the real deal, it just makes you a team that is capable on any given day.

“Are we maximising this club’s resources? That’s the job I look for and the challenges that come with that.

“Is the club maximising what it’s about to go and perform and I think we are.”

While Dyche has no frustration at the scale of the Sanchez deal, he said those feeling can occur when Burnley miss out on a player that is in their market.

“You have your frustrations. It’s not dispiriting when it’s that big a gap, because we’re nowhere near,” he said of the Chilean’s move to United.

“The only time it can test you is when you’re close and you know a bit more would get that one in and the player goes off elsewhere.

“But we’ll all have them. That’s when it’s frustrating in my world, but it’s not frustrating when you’re seeing a Sanchez go to United, because that is miles away from our world.”