SEAN Dyche will celebrate 100 games as a Premier League manager this weekend when he leads Burnley out against Manchester United at Turf Moor - and admits he never saw this milestone coming when he walked into the club.

Every one of that century of top flight games has been as manager of the Clarets, a scenario that looked highly unlikely when he took over a club treading water in the Championship in October 2012.

Now Burnley sit seventh in the Premier League under the stewardship of Dyche, with a third consecutive season at the highest level all but secured by January.

Dyche didn't realise his century was approaching, but is taking pride in the landmark.

"I didn’t know that, it is an achievement," the Turf Moor boss said.

"It’s a great one for me personally because when I got here five years ago I’d be a liar if I said I thought I’d be at 100 Premier League games as a manager and still going."

Although life as a Premier League manager is going well for Dyche at the moment, he isn't getting carried away with thoughts of another 100 games at this level.

“Who knows? The rapid change in the viewpoint in football now is incredible, even in my short time as a manager, I’m approaching year seven, the change is massive," he said.

"It’s the fan change, the mentality change, the demand for instant success, it’s changed amazingly so who knows? Hero to zero, zero to hero.

"You can never say now I’m going to do this many games. People talk about where do you want to go in football? I’m quite open-minded because of the reality of the business, it’s just not built like that, you have to be ready to dodge the bullets and find the way."

Dyche is just seven game short of 300 as a manager across all competitions, but Sam Allardyce is set to reach 1,000 games as a manager this weekend, a total Dyche sees as 'improbable' rather than 'impossible' for him.

“It’s amazing. Neil Warnock has people who question him, but I think he’s something crazy like 1,700 games if you include his non-league days. Harry has done it, Denis Smith back in the day, a great servant to the game through all different levels, possibly Graham Turner through all different levels," Dyche said.

“Danny Wilson was one of the youngest, he was 52 or something and got to 1,000 games as manager. Did you ever have a day off in your life? Get sacked, get a job, it’s incredible. Even more incredible in the way the game has changed to have that longevity.

“I don’t think that’s a thing of the future, I don’t think many managers will be doing 1,000 games."