SEAN Dyche has backed James Tarkowski to learn from the off-the-ball clash with Brighton striker Glenn Murray that has landed him a three-game ban.

But the Clarets boss admitted to being ‘very disappointed’ with the severity of the ban after Tarkowski admitted to a violent conduct charge from the Football Association.

Burnley presented their case, citing the ban as excessive, to an Independent Regulatory Commission, but they were unsuccessful in seeing it reduced.

That means the 25-year-old will miss the games against Tottenham, Manchester United and Huddersfield, and while Dyche has some sympathy with his defender, he believes his player can learn from the incident.

“I think he will have learnt from it already. It’s a mixture of circumstances, a penalty that was an iffy one and a player winding him up somewhat,” the Clarets chief said.

“He reacted. The main thing is whatever happens to you just don’t react. Stay focused on what’s going on in the game.

“He does to be fair to him, it’s a rare one that I’ve seen because he’s been immaculate in everything he’s done since he’s been at the club.”

Tarkowski was charged by the FA on Monday after the incident, in which he appeared to elbow Murray in the ribs, was picked up by the cameras having not been seen by the match officials.

Dyche felt there were mitigating circumstances in the clash and revealed Tarkowski had had surgery on a hand injury picked up in that game, something which he claims Murray played on.

“First of all I think it must be pointed out we don’t condone it,” Dyche said of the incident.

“At the time I was annoyed with Tarky, but having seen it after the game, the reason we’re a bit surprised is you can clearly Murray grab his hand, which has five pins and a metal plate in. We put that to the panel but they said it shouldn’t be reduced.

“That incident can’t be put in the same bracket as some that get three game bans. It’s very disappointing particularly when you have someone at the other end diving on the floor who gets nothing - and you know how I feel about that.

“James has five pins in it. He had damaged it before (the incident) but Murray knows it. He just happened to grab his hand – maybe it was by accident of course.”

Dyche also felt Murray made the most of the first-half incident.

“He does nudge him, but to fall to the floor and stay down for 20-30 seconds?,” Dyche questioned. “The game is changing and the honour in the game is changing too.

“I have only had a word with Tarky to say ‘what was that all about?’ When I saw it on video I said he’s right and he was 100 per cent telling the truth. I trust my players. But they said no, it’s still three games.

“It is a very low contact situation, to use the word violent is something, but it has to be deemed something.

“The amount in modern football that doesn’t get looked at, of course it is disappointing. And I say again I don’t condone it.”

Dyche expects Tarkowski to be fit to return to the side following his ban despite his hand injury.

“The good side is with the plate and screw in it means it’s going to be strong so he can still work on his fitness,” he said.