SEAN Dyche believes Burnley's success this season is capturing the heart of the nation as the Clarets continue to go toe-to-toe with the Premier League's big boys.

As the season reaches its halfway point this weekend Dyche's men sit sixth in the league, welcoming seventh placed Tottenham to Turf Moor today.

It's been an incredible rise so far for the Turf Moor faithful and Dyche believes it's a journey that is being cheered on by neutrals across the land.

The Clarets chief revealed he is regularly being stopped now as the dream season catapults Burnley into the limelight and the same is happening to his players, and Dyche believes the fact his side are bloodying the noses of the Premier League's established big beasts is bringing joy to fans of other clubs as well.

“I think there’s a bit of that for all of us, not just me, and it spreads a little bit across the country," he said when asked about being stopped this season.

“You get other fans saying it’s great what you’re doing, I think everyone likes a story that’s not the norm, it’s refreshing, a bigger scale version was Leicester, and it’s nice when football throws up things people aren’t expecting all the time.

“There’s a good feel. I don’t think we’re a club or a side that have that many enemies, there’s not that many huge rivalries across the country, which some clubs have, it’s more of a regional thing, so that probably helps."

Burnley haven't accumulated many enemies under Dyche's tenure and it is the values his side adhere to that has helped bring the neutrals on board, with the boss an outspoken critic on diving, while his players never surround referees and offer total commitment on the pitch.

"It’s a nice knock on effect," he said of those values attracting admiration away from Turf Moor.

"I’ve always said ‘minimum requirement is maximum effort’, it starts there for me, and if you’ve got a group of people willing to give everything, that’s not a bad start.

"That’s gone on through the club, not just on the pitch, the staff, not just the football staff, the office staff, community staff, there’s a real positivity and energy about the club, and I think these things are one of the benefits of that, people going into the community.

"I’ve got to say, there’s no big thing about it, I wish we could do more at times, but it’s nice to be make the effort, and that’s important."