BURNLEY might be mixing it with the Premier League’s elite this season but Sean Dyche will continue to tell his players to ‘leave their egos at the gate’.

The Clarets head to Brighton today sitting sixth in the top flight, level on points with Liverpool and Tottenham above them.

But despite the remarkable success at Turf Moor this term Dyche doesn’t expect to have a battle on his hands to keep egos in check in his squad, with the Clarets chief determined to make sure everyone feels equal at the club.

“It’s a belief I’ve got than when you’re in here we’re all equal, including me,” he said.

“I always say take your ego off at the gate and put it back on when you leave, help yourself in your private life. But when you’re in the club life we’re all the same and I think that’s a healthy way of working.

“I certainly don’t think I’m above them. I have to lead them in different ways but I’m part of the group.

“That’s an appropriate way of having true professionalism and a true teamship.

"If you can get everyone to understand we’re all in it together and there’s no need for that strange egotistical view which sometimes creeps into clubs then they buy into that.”

Dyche believes his current squad are simply following a culture that was set by the players in his early Turf Moor squads.

He credits the likes of the 2013/14 promotion-winning side with adopting his no egos mantra that has created a template for those who have followed, even if they are now arriving for much bigger fees.

“That thinking was built over time. Words are cheap,” Dyche said.

“People have to adopt it and they rub off on each other and slowly but surely a culture is set and now the culture is set to a level where people coming in maybe find it a bit peculiar at first but then realise everyone is as good as gold and gets on.

“It’s taken time to build that, you can’t flick a switch.”

The Clarets are keeping pace with the Premier League’s ‘big six’ despite continuing to have one of the lowest wage budgets in the league.

In looking at Burnley’s success this season their average wage of around £26,000 per week has been contrasted with the pay on offer at the two Manchester clubs, Chelsea, Tottenham, Liverpool and Arsenal.

But Dyche insists his players are still ‘doing alright’ and he doesn’t expect to see a queue at his door demanding wage increases as a result of this success.

“We compete in a sense that the players have a collective value, they’re all in it together and they’re all involved, we don’t carry massive numbers so you’re always on the cusp of playing,” he said.

“You’d have to ask them but I can assure you they’re doing alright, they’ll be meat on the table at the weekend as my dad used to say.

“Our players do alright, it’s growing all the times.”