SEAN Dyche has backed the ‘demand’ of his Turf Moor squad to shine through as the Clarets begin life without Robbie Brady this season tomorrow.

The Republic of Ireland winger went under the knife on Wednesday after rupturing the patellar tendon in his left knee last weekend, with Dyche confirming the operation had been declared a success by the surgeon.

But with Brady out for the rest of the campaign his absence opens up an opportunity for someone in Dyche’s squad. While Scott Arfield is the favourite to take that role on the wing the Clarets chief said he was also ‘open-minded’ about the possibility of left-back Charlie Taylor playing further forward

“It opens up another gap and an opportunity,” Dyche said of Brady’s injury.

“We’ve got a demanding group now. I have mentioned many times my belief in the whole group and here’s another chance for it to show.”

Arfield is the likely starter for now and yesterday Dyche backed his ability to continue to grow with the club and said he remained a ‘valued part’ of the squad, although the Canada international has occasionally been the subject of scepticism amongst the fanbase recently.

“You’ve got to be realistic, if there’s 20,000 people in a stadium then however many are giving those views, it’s not going to be all 20,000,” Dyche said.

“The club does want to move forward but that doesn’t mean a player can’t move forward with it. Ben Mee, he was here before I was, as was Vokesy, Tom Heaton was here because I brought him here. Dean Marney, Kevin Long, they’ve all been progressing.

“Where players are from when I got here is much higher than they were. People’s opinions change, but if you look at the progress he’s moved on.

“I would say that Scott Arfield, amongst many others, is a valued part of this squad.”

Taylor has spent most of his career at left-back and has been battling Stephen Ward for a place in the team this season.

But asked if he could replace Brady on the left wing, Dyche said: “I’m open minded with all our players, he’s certainly not fixed in a box, he’s young enough to be open-minded. We’ll see.”

The Turf boss has spoken to Brady since his operation to explain the path back to full fitness.

“The surgeon, who has done most of our players, was very happy with the work that was done,” Dyche said.

“I have spoken to him briefly and he’s fine.

“He understands it and he’s been talked through the plan of attack from now, leading to when he’s fit.

“He will be moving very quickly. We look forward to seeing him, first of all just moving around the training ground and getting on with it, and then obviously when he’s fit.

“Life goes quickly and it will soon come back round for him to join in again.”

Brady’s injury could force Dyche’s hand in January with the Burnley boss having been keen to sign a winger in the summer, with a final day loan move for Everton’s Aaron Lennon collapsing late on.

“We will be looking to be active,” Dyche said of the January window. “It’s an on-going thing for us, recruitment.

“We aren’t a club that can just cherry pick. I think it just sharpens that focus, more than anything.

“To get the actual deal physically done is very difficult, January it’s probably more difficult because the timescales are squeezed. Clubs will try and get bidders in, it’s very difficult so it’s irrelevant what position you need.”