FORMER Clarets striker Ian Wright hailed Chris Wood's 'brilliant' hold-up play for Burnley in their win over Bournemouth.

Wright was analysing the Clarets' 2-1 win on the south coast for Match of the Day and it was Wood and Brady, the two goalscorers on the night, who caught his eye.

"Brady was lovely, he had some great touches," Wright said. "But I watched Chris Wood in the Confederations Cup for New Zealand and he looked a little bit ponderous. Maybe it was the opposition he was up against us, he was up against top quality.

"But he showed flashes of this, being the focal point, holding the ball up, bringing the team up with him, running the channels. So many times you see players doing this (running the channel) and they lose the ball, they don't take care of it, bring your team up and get the team playing.

"He's a real willing runner and watching him now he looks so much sharper, more aware.

"Brady is a classy player, and you see Wood's movement to get into the middle of the goal (for his goal). It's an instinctive finish, it's brilliant. He's in the right place, direct it on the goal. He was brilliant."

Danny Murphy was also on the Match of the Day panel on Wednesday night and he was also impressed with Wood, labelling him a 'clever signing' and 'cheap' at £15million.

"I think he knows how to play the role really well," he said. "He come on at Spurs for Burnley and changed the game and he got the equaliser when they didn't have a hope. He bashed up the centre halves there that day.

"He's got real potential, that's a clever signing. It's cheap these days."