SEAN Dyche wants to see retrospective bans "all over the place and all over the pitch" if the Football Association are to effectively eradicate diving from the game.

Everton's Oumar Niasse became the first Premier League player to be banned for successful deception of a referee after he won a penalty against Crystal Palace earlier this month.

Only one other player in the Football League has suffered a similar fate since the rule was introduced in the summer - Carlisle striker Shaun Miller.

Although Burnley boss Dyche absolved Arsenal's Aaron Ramsey of blame over the stoppage-time spot-kick which downed the Clarets on Sunday, he remains a staunch and vocal critic of so-called simulation.

At present action can only be taken in incidents where a penalty has been awarded or a red card issued, but Dyche believes the parameters must be expanded to have the desired effect.

"I hope retrospective bans are handed out all over the place," he said.

"For me they should be all over the place and all over the pitch. If you're going to do it right and clean it up, then clean it up.

“I just think it needs sorting out all over the pitch. Nobody wants to see it. It's not fair on referees. Let them ref properly on what they see. They're having to give decisions on people going over because there's so many going over."

Dyche is surprised that only two players have so far been banned under the new rules, which were introduced before the start of the season.

"Think how many games have been played before somebody has been affected by the rule," he said. "If you think how many incidents there's been this season and that's the first one that's been taken care of (Niasse) – and the guy at Carlisle.

"I think there's a lot more gone on other than those two incidents. If you look at the rule it is virtually impossible that someone actually gets something happening to them. I think they could be a bit more stringent, personally.

"For me, the moralistic view is 'tidy it all up'. Just for the kids, the future. They need to know it's not a game that accepts people who, for want of a better word, use....'simulation'. I'm in a good mood so let's say simulation instead of the word we all know it really is."