SEAN Dyche will continue to try and be 'proactive' in games after throwing on a striker for a midfielder against Arsenal.

Chris Wood entered the fray against the Gunners 12 minutes from the end, but it was Steven Defour he replaced rather than Ashley Barnes as Dyche went back to 4-4-2 to try and force the win rather than settle for a draw.

It was a somewhat surprising change but Dyche was keen to see his side get back on the front foot after seeing the Gunners get a foothold in the game during the second half.

"We wanted to be proactive, we felt that we were sort of probing and it calmed a bit from from them having the upper hand a little bit at the start of the half," Dyche said.

"We felt that we might be able to find that real chance, we had a couple of ‘nearlies’, to get people away and clear but never quite found it."

Burnley have won plenty of plaudits for their defensive work this season, falling agonisgnly short of a fourth straight shutout against Arsenal, but Dyche is keen to ensure that they trouble the opposition as well.

"We want to be positive," he added. "People have been talking about our defending, our defensive record and our shape, we do that very well but sometimes you do that, not because you go out to do it but because the opposition are very dominant in their offensive shape.

"In the second half their wing-backs went even higher, almost playing like wingers they overload the front line, and pop out through the two defensive midfielders or the centre halves and that does put you on the back foot at times but then you have to do well breaking against it and keep it when you can, as the half built further we did that better, first half I think we did it fantastically well."

It was another controversial injury-time defeat to Arsenal and Dyche was bemused to see a tight decision fall in favour of one of the 'bigger clubs' again.

"People have been talking about this long since way before my years as a manager," he said. "The bigger clubs seem to get the decisions.

"I'm not sure its fact, I’m not sure anyone has statted it but for years managers have been promoting this thought that they do.

"I am not saying it is anything to do with that today – it is one that probably gets given but I have seen them not given. But it is highly unlikely he is ever going to get there – when is a foul a foul if he is never going to get there?"