We asked our Rovers fans' jury: “How would you sum up Rovers’ opening 10 games of the season?”

It's the curate's egg again, good in parts.

After a disastrous start there are cautious signs for optimism. The positive development of players like Downing and Chapman has to be seen as a good omen if only in the short to medium term.

However, I'm minded of the fact that we are playing in what used to be called Division Three.

If we can't make a decent showing in this league then we really are in dire straits.

Let's hope that Mr Mowbray can continue to mould the team into something the fans can enjoy and respect.

Paul Yates

It's certainly been a transitional time with players adapting to the league and Tony Mowbray working out which styles, formations and players fit.

Danny Graham is undisputedly our most clinical finisher yet the pace and energy of Samuel and Antonsson seem more suited to the system and league.

I have been very impressed with Tony Mowbray. He's not a fortune teller yet he recognises problems and reacts appropriately and decisively.

With Mowbray at the helm I am confident we will go from strength to strength - we are certainly heading in the right direction.

The biggest improvement we can now make is identifying fullbacks with pace that can add an attacking threat as they are too often given the space and freedom to overlap because of the defensive mindset of our oppositions.

Kelvin Wilkins

All in all, it has been a positive start and Rovers are heading the right direction, despite opening the campaign with two defeats. Now in the play-offs with soon to be two games in hand, there are signs that this can be a successful season. I think Rovers are only going to get stronger as the season goes on, once Mowbray can call upon the likes of Darragh Lenihan again.

The games will start to come thick and fast in the coming months, so Mowbray has to use his squad wisely to get the best out of them. Those players that have been on fringes due to injuries or just not getting in the side, could now have a much bigger role to play.

The adaptability in tactics has been pleasing to see. A 3-0 thumping of Rochdale was followed up by a disciplined away performance, and another three points, at Scunthorpe. However, Rovers have been too inconsistent.

It is difficult to believe that virtually the same 11 started against both Shrewsbury and Rotherham, because the contrast in performances was so great. The Shrews may be top of the league, but that should not have stopped Rovers from putting in a decent performance themselves.

Sam Jones