SEAN Dyche slammed diving as 'unacceptable' as Huddersfield's Rajiv van La Parra was booked for simulation in the goalless draw at Turf Moor.

Substitute van La Parra came off the bench in the second half for the Terriers but he went down in the penalty area looking for a spot kick as he glided past Matt Lowton.

Referee Chris Kavanagh immediately penalised the 26-year-old and showed him the yellow card, with replays showing there had been no contact.

Lowton and other Burnley players were furious at van La Parra's attempted deception and Dyche said after the game that if any of his players had pulled such a trick they would be given a telling off.

"I have been harking on about it for about three years with someone diving," the Clarets chief said.

"I'm not saying we’re whiter than white but if one of my players does it, they’re getting the curly finger next week.

"The referee was excellent and he should be protected from that. It’s unacceptable in my book – I have been talking about it for three years. It’s not about the player, it’s the moment."

Retrospective bans for diving have been introduced this season, but they will only be in effect if the incident isn't penalised during the game.

Dyche said van La Parra's dive was 'as bad as I've seen'.

"I talk of it for the good of the game. It’s about my kid watching the game, kids diving all over the place, they copy players and it’s got to go," he said.

"That one today is as bad as I have seen. I don’t know the player as a person, it might be off the scale for him, but it’s about the moment.

"Maybe the video thing will give the ref a chance, whatever way they bring it in and look at it. Maybe that will affect it.

"I saw it again. I was a defender and if you touch someone and go down it’s gamesmanship, but when no contact going down? That’s got to go.

"For a product as good as football why do you need it? You wouldn’t have it in many other sports so why this?"