IT was only three games ago that people were talking about Rovers getting into the play-offs.

Now that they’ve lost three games on the run the talk is all of a sudden about their season being over.

But if the players begin to think like that they might as well pack it in now and not play again this season.

As a footballer, you have got to have pride in your performance and try your best every time you go out on to the pitch. If you give 100 per cent there is a chance you will get your confidence back.

And that is what Blackburn are clearly lacking at the moment – that and a little bit of desire.

They need to get that desire back and if they do I’m sure that much needed win will follow.

And what really would lift the confidence would be a 2-0 or 3-0 win and not a narrow, fluky 1-0 win, although at this present time I’m sure we would all take that.

Whether they can get that sort of win at Huddersfield tomorrow remains to be seen.

It was always a happy hunting ground for me – I can’t remember ever losing to them at their place when I was with Blackburn, Wycombe and West Brom – and they have just go to go out there with a positive mindset.

I know that is not easy with what has happened this week.

I don’t know if the players were aware just how much losing to Burnley – and the unbeaten record – would hit them.

And as soon as the game finished on Sunday I thought to myself it would have been better to have an away game on Wednesday rather than a home game as I knew the pressure would be there.

It was a disappointing result against Bournemouth, as were the ones against Burnley and Bolton, but I still think there has been progress this season.

There has been a lot of new players coming into the club, with most of them being youngsters, and it’s also Gary Bowyer’s first season in charge so it was always going to be a learning curve.

It doesn’t happen overnight, it’s going to take a bit of time and I think it’s clear that at times this season they have been a bit inexperienced.

Rovers just need to get fire back in their bellies and show the fans they haven’t given up.