Colin Fitzjohn’s effort to run from John O’Groats to Lands End in 15 days has been thwarted just beyond the half way mark after he lost his way from Penrith to Garstang and didn’t have enough time to get back on track.

The 45-year old Darwen Dasher was one of 12 ultra distance runners to attempt the feat, starting in Scotland on Friday April 30, but after his retirement last Friday night, there were only three left.

To run the 867.9 mile length of Britain in 15 days they had to cover an average of 58 miles a day, starting at 6am each morning and often finishing after midnight.

Last Thursday was the seventh day of the adventure and Fitzjohn reached Penrith after 1am with more than 19 hours on the road behind him.

The following day he was running alone, behind the other three when disaster struck.

“I took a wrong turning at a roundabout and ended up running about 16 miles in the wrong direction,” he said.

“If my iPhone had been with me I would have been fine, I’d been using it for navigation most of the way.

“When I was told me I was out, I’d done 45 miles according to my Forerunner so would have had only 15 miles to go to the finish. I feel this could easily have been done as I was going well with no injury, and I was absolutely gutted to have to stop.”

“It is the hardest thing I’ve ever done in my life,” he added.

“We had to walk the first mile every morning just to get everything working.”

Still he feels it is unfinished business and is eyeing the possibility another attempt next year. He would like to thank his sponsors Soreen Maltloaf, Buff Headwear and Hilly Clothing for helping to make his attempt possible and is optimistic that they will assist him again.

Colin feels that he would still be going but for his navigational error especially as he was the only one remaining without a serious injury.

As we went to press, Mark Cockbain, David Miles and Neil Bryant are still going having crossed the Severn Bridge back into England on Tuesday afternoon.

They are due to finish tomorrow evening, and we will bring you a final update next week.