JUST when Ashley Barnes thought he'd scored a goal of the season contender he was upstaged by Cristiano Ronaldo.

But when it comes to the battle of the best overhead kick - there is no contest for Clarets chief Sean Dyche.

“I’ve got to say Barnesy, haven’t I?” said the Burnley boss of the striker’s acrobatic goal against West Brom.

“You know what Barnesy’s like, he’ll slaughter me.

“They were both great goals, weren’t they? Great goals for different reasons.”

Ronaldo has been commended for the height he achieved in his jump in scoring for Real Madrid against Juventus in the Champions League.

But Dyche said Barnes’ technique was tricky for different reasons.

“You know Barnesy’s was really difficult to do in terms of body shape. But it’s not an overhead kick, because of the angle and everything. It’s behind him. Fantastic technique,” he said.

“It took Ben Foster by surprise. He’s standing there and not expecting that. It was a great finish.

“I was more impressed by Barnesy seeing it quickly, so his movement to see the cross quickly.

“That’s the secret of being a centre-forward. Because the centre-half is trying to read it as well, don’t forget. But Barnesy, if you think about it, comes from the reverse side round, so he’s read the cross quicker than the centre-half.

“I was more intrigued by that, because I know that’s the sign of a real sharp striker, when they’ve read it quickly.

“Michael Owen was unbelievable at it. You thought you’d seen the cross, and he’d seen it earlier than you, and he’d get there earlier than you, and obviously the number of times he’d just pop one in was incredible.

"I thought his (Barnes’) movement was really good.”