OUR Clarets jury discuss the big issues at Turf Moor every week and there was one subject this week. How big a boost is Sean Dyche's new four-and-a-half year contract?


Without doubt, it's a huge boost to Burnley. I think the fact Sean Dyche has committed to a four and a half year deal is a real sign of intent from both the club and him, given he's previously only been on a 12 month rolling contract.

Hopefully by the end of the deal, we'll have established ourselves as a Premier League club and can look to kick on from there. What a fantastic time to be a Claret.


When you have your best manager in over a generation on a rolling contract you are waiting a big club to come along and take advantage so this was excellent news.

As Sean said, he's still young, still learning so he feels that he is at the right place to carry on what he has started. I hope this news will attract more quality players to the club when they clearly see what he has created at Turf Moor.

Here's to four more years.


I think it’s great for all concerned. The club, the fans, the players and Sean himself. It also means that if anyone wants to poach him, they would have to pay some serious money in compensation.

Whilst I’m not panicking about our form, it could be the shot in the arm we need to boost morale going into the next game. It’s obvious the players like him so can only be a bonus.