NOW, finally Blackburn Rovers fans might be able to get their club back.

The last two years have been among the most turbulent and depressing in Rovers’ proud history with Venky’s and Steve Kean taking the club to the depths of despair.

Steve Kean’s resignation last night finally gave Rovers fans a glimpse of some light at the end of the tunnel. His position had become untenable about 12 months ago.

This is not a bright new dawn just yet though.

It is now down to Venky’s to right the wrongs of their farcical reign to date.

They have to appoint the right man and they have to start listening to the supporters.

Rovers fans have received ridiculous criticism for the way they have reacted to watching their club hit crisis point. The majority should be proud of the way they love their football club.

No one is bigger than the supporters and they finally will have reason to cheer as they look forward to a club being united once more.

Kean was thrust into a position he was never ready to take. He was given no support by the owners and turned himself in circles with crazy statements.

Remember though it was Venky’s who put him in this position. They need to make sure mistakes are not made again.