HERE we go again. At every other club in the country, it is a simple concept. A manager is either sacked or backed and everyone gets on with it.

At Blackburn Rovers , it appears the idea of clarity and dynamic decision making is alien to the people that matter. What happens next? That is anyone’s guess.

There is little doubt that the overwhelming feeling now among most of the club’s owners is that Steve Kean has no part in their long term plans. The next move is pretty obvious, you would think anyway.

Blackburn Rovers have been in a state of limbo for large chunks of Venky’s regime and yet it appears they have learned nothing from their past mistakes. We are back in limbo land – perhaps even deeper than we were before.

At the moment we are looking at the shell of a once proud football club and we have been for almost two years now.

Yes, I know Rovers are sitting high in the Championship but anyone who has been at Ewood Park this season will know things can’t continue as they are.

The atmosphere is horrible, fans are fighting between themselves – those who are coming anyway – and few are getting that ‘enjoyment factor’ from going to Ewood anymore.

I wrote last week that those who chose to go should just ‘ignore’ the manager situation and try to enjoy watching their team. How can you ignore chaos like this though?

If Venky’s had decided to stick by Kean at least we would know one way or another. It would be a decision that would go down like a lead balloon and would cost them thousands of fans – but at least it would be a decision.

If they have decided he has no managerial future in the long term, which appears to be the case, then remove him and get on with trying to fix a broken club.

Because make no mistake that is exactly what this club at the moment. Forget the money spent and the results gained so far this season, it is supporters that make a football club.

Rovers’ supporters are being treated like fools and they simply won’t accept that. Treat them with respect and they will give the same back to the club they love.

Do the opposite and the owners will feel the full force of the supporters’ fury – they surely know that already? Fans make a club and the majority are fast falling out of love with their club. Unless this is remedied quickly, it might be over for ever for a lot.

This no-man’s land situation we are in at the moment is a joke. Whatever the official line will be – eventually – there is no doubt Kean’s future hangs in the balance.

To let it drag on is unfair to everyone, including Kean himself, the players and most of all the supporters.

If Venky’s get this wrong, again, I’m not even sure results can save them.

As I was leaving Ewood on Friday night, someone said to me ‘there used to be a football club here’. I think we all know what he meant.