JUST when you think you have seen everything with regards Blackburn Rovers, something else inevitably happens to leave you gobsmacked once more.

That is what happened on Sunday as a sunday broadsheet told Blackburn Rovers fans they had a lot to be grateful to Venky’s for, including stopping a ‘Portsmouth scenario’ happening under the old regime.

Yes, there was never a lot of cash flying around at the end of the Walker Trust era, under the stewardship of John Williams, Tom Finn & co, but to suggest they were putting the club’s future at risk is quite frankly an insult.

I am more inclined to fear a Pompey style collapse under Venky’s ownership than I ever was under the old guardians.

Hopefully Venky’s can have a long and fruitful spell in time of this proud football club, after a shambolic start, but as we stand no one connected to Rovers can realistically feel grateful to them.

Their regime to date has been a footballing disaster, leaving them with everything to still to prove. Grateful? Don’t make me laugh.

I also think it is time that people, who haven’t lived through the farce of the past two years, stop telling Rovers fans how they should behave at games.

Already this season, managers and journalists have had a dig at the Ewood faithful. My reply to them is get a grip.

I’m writing this column before last night’s opening league match at Ewood Park and hopefully the team left the field to cheers and a resounding win.

That is what happens when a team plays well and wins games and that is why there has been so little of that over the past 18 months.

It isn’t rocket science. If the team plays rubbish, they will get booed. If the manager gets it wrong, he will get booed.

Both have happened at an alarming frequency since Steve Kean’s tenure started and why Ewood has not been a happy place.

Everyone at the club believes things will be different this season and if they are I’m sure fans will react accordingly.

If they aren’t, then the fans will let them know about it.

Why shouldn’t they?